I am Seth Mulligan and I am the General Manager at StorySlab

Seth Mulligan's Bio:

Seth Mulligan works in the greater Syracuse, NY technology and startup scene. Seth is the Managing Director at StorySlab .    In 2008-2012, Seth formed a biofuels company, GoVo Biofuels LLC and operate this company along side my work at CenterState CEO Previously, with GoVo I used green technologies to process vegetable oils, pure plant oils and other FOGS into petroleum alternatives. Diesel engines, industrial boilers, generator sets, etc. can run directly on vegetable oil-- a sustainable, renewable and far less polluting source of energy.

Seth Mulligan's Experience:

Seth Mulligan's Education:

Seth Mulligan's Interests & Activities:

Seth's interests are: StorySlab.com, TCGplayer.com, Technology, New Venture Development, Go-To-Market strategy, the Philadelphia Eagles, Rock Music, the Electric Bass Guitar and Apple products.